Help with the story.

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Help with the story.

I'm sure there are some grammar mistakes and some sentences should be chnaged. I'll be glad if someone help me to correct it. Thanks in advance.

Last summer Me and some of my friends decided to visit my uncle in Columbia, he has plantation with strange plant growing on. Everybody was curious what is that mysterious plant. Two days later everybody was up for it, so we get on the airport and after briefing we flew out for our unforgettable voyage. In the plane was really boring everybody was listening to the music and so, until it happened... Suddenly terrorists snaffle up the plane, They was killing people who didn't listen 'em or scream so everybody went silent. Except one boy who tried to say something... They shot him, then his friend just said "OMG They killed Kenny!". Everything calmed down and these rogues started to negotiate . After successful couple hours of talking with president of USA they decided to land on the closest derelict airport. Meanwhile Counter Terrorists started their rescue action and take the plane from the terrorists hands. Just some minutes later bad luck strikes again! Capitan of the plane was terrorist force member. He shouted via intercom "Allah Akbar!" and we crashed. Unfortunately for him nobody died cause of this. After this scary adventure, my Uncle told me as we need to chill out and he gave me weeds made from his mystery plant. We smoked them, It was strange feeling after it - nice at all, and everyone was chilled as hell. We spent wonderful time there, after all we wanted to take 2 kilos dehydrated forage of that nice plant with us. We were caught by the police and our penalty is 2 years deprivation of liberty for "drug smuggling". Still I think what does it in prison.

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he has plantation with

he has a plantation with strange plant growing on it

we got to the airport

The flight was really boring

snaffle nie pasuje

They were killing people who didn't listen or screamed

Except of one boy who tried

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