Odpowiedzi na pytania

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Odpowiedzi na pytania

Mam niedługo sprawdzian ustny z pytań.
Muszę napisac odpowiedzi na nie, ale niestety nie jestem zbyt dobra z takich rzeczy. Coś niby sama napisałam, ale boję się, że jest źle gramatycznie czy językowo.

Prosiła bym o pomoc w odpowiedzi na te pytania :)

1.What is your favourite foreign food (foreign=not Polish) and why?
2.What are the effects of using too drastic diets?
3.What is your favourite dish? Describe how to make it.
4.What was the most interesting restaurant you have ever visited? Describe it.
5.Why is fast food becoming more and more popular nowadays?

1.Would you imagine your life without a mobile phone? Why / Why not?
2.Which discovery from the 20th or 19th century do you consider the most important and why?
3.What do you use your computer for and why do you surf the Internet?
4.What are the dangers connected with surfing the Net?
5.Describe a situation when you had a problem with a device or a machine.

1.Would you like to study in another country? Why / Why not?
2.You are a proud student of Secondary Comprehensive School no. 3 in Ostrów Wielkopolski Why did you choose this school?
3.Describe the most interesting lesson you have ever had.
4.What kind of extra classes would you like to have at your school and why?
5.Why is it important to learn foreign languages?

1.When was the last time you felt badly? What was the matter?
2.Describe your last visit to a doctor.
3.How do you take care of your health?
4.Do you take vitamins and mineral supplements regularly? Why / Why not?
5.Today we lead stressful lives. How to deal with stress in every day life?

1. What is your room like? Describe it.
2. What are the advantages of living in a big city and disadvantages of living in the country?
3. Why do more and more people want to live in the suburbs of cities or in the country?
4. Describe your ideal house.
5. What type of house do you live in? what are the facilities in the surrounding area?

Angielski w Pytaniach

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