Telling your friends about the break-down of a coach

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Telling your friends about the break-down of a coach

Telling your friends about the break-down of a coach:

Last week my whole class went on a trip to The National Museum in Warsaw. We had to get up at about five o'clock in the morning because we were to leave at six. When my classmates and I met in front of the school we were so excited that we couldn't stop chatting and giggling. They prepared a large coach for us, our chaperon teachers and our guide. We filled it up completely: it was a very noisy but cheerful means of transport. The trip to our capital city was supposed to take about four hours so we had plenty of time to admire the landscape outside the window, eat the snacks prepared by our parents and play games or sing songs. Unfortunately, nobody predicted that the coach would suddenly break down. The driver had to pull up on the side of the road. He took a look at the engine but wasn't able to fix anything, so we had to wait for a whole hour until a replacement coach arrived. However, we were not disappointed or bored. We went for a short walk into the forest and picked up some flowers, cones and even mushrooms. We played hide and seek for a while, but the teacher told us not to go too far for fear of somebody getting lost. On the whole, the incident didn't disturb our trip at all. We all agreed that we had a wonderful time and that we look forward to many more of such trips.