Hello ^^

Hi I`m new there ... My name is Anita . I `m sixteen.  I don`t speak (and write) english very well :(    hmm... what else ... I have sister and brother. I have rabbit too. I love hip hop ,rap, R`n`B . I love dance and volleyball !! <33 Ok it`s over in this moment (?) . Bye :*


What are U listening from hiphop? I'm new here as well. I've joined to this forum, cause i want to pass FCE exam and I'm gathering materials about english grammar bla, bla, bla... At the moment I'm stay in Ireland... and I love Hiphop!!! Bye!!!Grzegorz

Hi ;)

PCD (pussycat dolls) hmm .. I like that !! Maybe it`s pop ?! I don`t know  but they music is very cool. For eksample buttons, beep (<- it`s old bit ^^ but very fun too) What else  I like wait a minute ,don`t cha . I think so very good -it`s new song nicole sherzinger Baby Love and what ever do you like . It`s so great !! (I don`t know do you know nicole sherzinger is leader pcd^^ ). Hmm... but pcd is not my favourite gruop . I like so much Peja (hip hop), rihanna (R`n`B) and (recently) samantha jade (?!).

Ok... I must finish ;P... Bye :*

hello! rnb - some time ago i

hello! rnb - some time ago i was at the concert of pussycat dolls - i think it's rnb. dont really like them, but i was suprise as it was great fun. they really rocked.