Hello everyone!!! =]

I'm first time here and I'm not good in english, so please correct any mistakes. :D I think that writing that blog can be helpful in learning of english. I hope you are kind and you will not laught of me ;) I try to do the best of me to write right but it can be hard to me, because I just end gymnasium and I have an owful teachers there. Now I start to go to secondary school and I have really nice and good teacher so I think I will be better, but last three years I spend on listening about my teacher dog in polish... So forgive me little mistakes... =] I must end now, but I will come back as fast as I can =] By =*

some time ago, i saw an

some time ago, i saw an advert for private tuiton, a "teacher" said: I will teach you Englisch at every level, even CPE!, and then added a word englisch about ten times........ how pathetic, isn't it?

so my advise - never write englisch - always ENGLISH


other bits:

remember: be good AT sth

bye - not by