Monika, say hello to everybody!

I'm Monica,
I'm 18
I attend the european bilingual class in LO in Warsaw
I'm interested in music, maths (however I'm not very good at maths) and undoubtedly English (especialy slang). I've been learning English for 7 years,but I wish my parents had spoken to me in English in my childhood - it would be easier for me to adopt this widely spoken language. In a year I will have passed the matura exam, I haven't decided yet - bilingual or extended English.

I have a crazy day - my friend's 18th birthday - if you would like to know what I've prepared for her, you're welcome to drop by here tomorrow :)
greetings, see you later alligator

Please, look at my newest

Please, look at my newest note entitled "Bilingualism" :)

Could you tell me something

Could you tell me something about your bilingual class? Unfortunately in my school there isn't any class like yours ;(