Prośba o sprawdzenie poprawności CV


Zwracam się z gorącą prośbą o sprawdzenie CV, które napisałam w języku angielskim. Dane osobowe oczywiście zmienione. Będę wdzięczna za wszelkie uwagi i pomoc w poprawieniu mojej pracy.

Z góry dziękuję

Anna Kowalska

address: Mała 2 str, 00-00 Nibylandia
email: [email protected]
mobile: 600 500 400


10.2006 - 09.2011 University of Wrocław Psychology
09.2003 - 09.2006 I Liceum Ogólnokształcące
 in Nibylandia Secondary School
 (no profile)


03.2011 - 03.2012 Przedsiębiorstwo Szkoleniowe XYZ
in Wrocław coach 
(soft abilities)

- making plans, scenario and transcripts of trainings relating to the work activity, interpersonal communication skills, motivation skills, self-presentation techniques
- conducting three-day trainings at prisons in Poland
- preparing reports and evaluations of trainings
- preparing materials, presentations, handouts, evaluation questionnaires, etc.

09.2009 - 01.2011 Antyki XYZ s.c.
in Wrocław co-owner

- searching and delivering of goods (old furniture, antiques) intended to sale
- conducting the recruitment process of selecting shop assistants as well as labourers
- taking care of widely understood company's image 
- exhibition, advertising, punctual services
- making personalised goods

10.2007 - 07.2009 ING Bank Śląski S.A.
in Wrocław account manager

- finding new clients and maintaining long-term business relationships
- representing the company, delivering a positive customer service experience
- selling bank products, achieving an established level of sales

Further Trainings

October 2011 szkolenie XYZ
 in Poznań three-day training

The three-day training about “how to prepare yourself for the training?”. I increased my coaching skills. I had to prepare my own presentation, train voice and techniques of public speech. I learned what kind of mistakes I made and broke inappropriate habits.

10.2011 - 06.2012 University
 in Wrocław University specialization

One year specialization in the field of coaching - training methods, preparing materials and training aids for participants, learning (and teaching as well) techniques of auto-presentation in business, evaluation of training. All activities required to prepare appropriate projects and conduct mini-training (1 - 2 h) in fields related to business.

Biology, social media, Polish and English modern literature, carving skiing

Skills and qualifications
English - upper-intermediate level
Ms Office - intermediate level
Driving licence - since 2007 r.

Additional Informations
I am a disposable, well organised, reliable, self-reliant, able to work in group and under the time pressure person. I have got outstanding verbal and written communication skills as well.