Psychotherapist And His Patient - Part 5




Mr. Worthing graduated from Oxford with a degree in English literature eighteen years ago. In the same year he started work as a librarian in a public library in the East End of London. Two years later he met Susan Butterfly at a party and fell in love with her at first sight. They married two months later. But their happiness did not last long. Susan soon ran away with a Japanese businessman from Tokyo.

to graduate - uzyskać stopień akademicki
degree - stopień (akademicki)
public library - biblioteka publiczna
later - później
to meet, met, met - spotkać, poznać
to fall, fell, fallen in love - zakochać się w
at first sight - od pierszego wejrzenia
their happiness didn't last long - ich szczęście nie rwało długo
soon - wkrótce
to run, ran, run away - uciec

Sprawdź znajomość słówek - ćwiczenie 5