Staggering Discovery in Stonehenge - Part 2


Professor Augustus August is an archaeologist and an academic celebrity. It was his brilliant scientific deduction that led to the discovery in the vicinity of Stonehenge of a mysterious spoon which is supposed to have belonged to the legendary King Arthur. According to Professor August, King Arthur was greatly attached to the spoon and carried it with him everywhere. At present the spoon is kept in a specially designed box at the Professor’s house in London. According to experts, the spoon is probably the oldest object of its kind ever to have been found in the British Isles.

It was ... that led... - to jego... było tym, co doprowadziło
in the vicinity of - w pobliżu
which is supposed to have belonged - która, jak się przypuszcza, należała
according to - według
attached to - przywiązany do
ever to have been found - jaki, kiedykolwiek znaleziono