Staggering Discovery in Stonehenge - Part 3


Dr Wilfred Winter is a senior lecturer in anthropology at London University. He is head of a research group in the Department of General Anthropology.
Dr Winter is the author of a number of books on social anthropology. The best known of these is The Descent of Apes, a treatise on the origin of apes. The central theme of the book is the thesis that apes are directly descended from Man. Dr Winter has managed to antagonize both biologists and theologians. By so doing he has become one of the most controversial figures in contemporary anthropology.

is head of - jest kierownikiem
are directly descended from - pochodzą bezpośrednio od
to descend - zstępować, schodzić, pochodzić
antagonize - zrazić
by so doing - dokonując tego, tak postępując
Man - człowiek (jako gatunek)