Staggering Discovery in Stonehenge - Part 4


Dr Wilfred Winter is an anthropologist and an amateur archaeologist. He is a deadly enemy of Professor August August. Dr Winter is in the habit of indirectly implying that the famous spoon discovered by Professor August in the vicinity of Stonehenge is a fake. However, he cannot prove anything conclusively because professor August doesn’t allow anybody to touch the spoon or even look at it too long. As a result Dr Winter cannot go beyond vague statements about the impossibility of the spoon being authentic. This unhealthy situation has produced an unpleasant side-effect: Dr Winter has developed a nervous tic.

to be in the habit of - mieć w zwyczaju (coś robić)
imply - sugerować, insynuować
to prove conclusively - udowodnić w sposób ostateczny (nie budzący wątpliwości)
to go beyond - wychodzić poza
vague statements - niejasne stwierdzenia
the imposibility of the spoon being - niemożliwość, żeby łyżka była