Swich on your imagination! Your the sweetest holidays :)

Have you ever heard about Chocolate Island? It’s the best place to spend your holidays!
You can get there by plane. This island is on Mediterrarean Sea. Everything in this place is built from chocolate. Can you imagine it?
You can see a unique chocolate views of houses, mountains, rivers, trees… There is the biggest funfair, which is one of not many things which are not built of chocolate .
Of course, the main dish is chocolate. You can try here strawberry which are dipped in chocolate or orginal chocolate drink with chili. You can almost feel as if you are at Willi Wonka’s house.
Furthermore, you can swim in Mediterrean Sea (chich isn’t based on chocolate!) and sunbath. After a week here you will look like bar of chocolate.
When you visit this place, you will fall in love with this island and get addicted to chocolate. You will be happier than ever before.


It would be great to spend

It would be great to spend holidays in place like this. And tasty ;)

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